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Welcome to the Notary Office of 

Dr. Christian Hartmann and Dr. Johannes Hushahn, LL.M. (Cantab)

As Civil Law Notaries we hold an independent public office. As such we are by law entrusted with all the fields of so-called preventive justice, where we exercise preemptive legal control and establish authentic instruments (primarily, but not exclusively, in the form of contracts). These authentic instruments have binding evidentiary effects vis-à-vis the courts and can be immediately enforceable without a time-consuming and costly lawsuit.  

In all matters we are obliged to maintain confidentiality towards any third parties. For our services only the statutory fees and expenses are applicable.

You are free to choose a Notary, but the Notary may not leave his official district. For instance, where a real estate purchase agreement is to be recorded, it is irrelevant where the property is situated. 

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